Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Kindness is free.  Kindness is a beautiful feeling.  It's harder when you are jaded.  It's harder when you are bitter in this world.  I should know.  While, I would tell people I was okay...I was broken inside.  But now....there are colors again.  There is a rainbow.  There is joy.  I hope today brings you kindness or you bring it to someone.  This world desperately needs it right now.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Catching you up through pictures

Ughs.  I love this dork. lol. He had some team building thing where they wear Hawaiian shirts.  

 I tried. Honestly, I did.

So me

I'm getting better at puzzles

My view at work.  Sighs.  Happiness.


You're singing it now, aren't you?

 I loved this

For sure

I mean...it's not wrong.

Me, currently.  

Iced coffee for the win

I got this for a gift from "L"

A survivor 's anthem

This is for you. This is for those whom still haven't found their voice.  I am a survivor.  And I'm not just surviving...I'm thriving!!!

Kesha - Rainbow (Official Video)


Kesha - Learn To Let Go (Official Video)

This song is my new anthem

Running around

I have a new schedule.  On Thursdays, I work 7 hours.  Yes, 7.  It's a client I had before so that helped and it's mostly companionship.I took it so that I have the freedom to be able to give "Ethan" lunch money or gas.  And just preparing for an extra mouth to feed.  Or be able to take all 3 of us to the movies or something.  He's moving in very soon.There's a few things going on so it's been a little chaotic.  It's a big reason I haven't been blogging.  Trust me.  I have plenty to say.  Like what happened this weekend is just heartbreaking.  But life has been happening.  I had an evaluation this last Friday too.  It was a very glowing review from  "Claire".  We get along so well.  I love it.  She makes me laugh so much.  And I admire how much she is fighting to not need me.  I also got introduced to a new artist.  And you know how much I love when that happens.  Mr.  "Claire" ..hahahhhhaha (Hey...I gotta find some kind of code name) introduced me to Eydie Gorme.  They made me a CD with all kind of amazing music on it.  Jeremy and I were debating what kind of genre it was.  I had it on for lunch.  He thought it was Jazzhouse.  I thought it was Coffeehouse.  We settled on Lounge music.  He was trying to figure out from the description he was giving it.  So many awesome conversations transpire between Jeremy and I.  We actually ended up talking about American Beauty, the movie (which he has never seen) and somehow talked about dynamics in relationships, impacts we make as significant others, and psyche of attraction.  All in Aquifina time.  My head space is in such a freeing and liberating state these days.  I would say in the past I had good heads space but what I didn't figure in was the speed bumps I would have to experience.  Life isn't Zen and as much as I wanted it to be, that's not a very healthy or realistic view.  Now, I do my best to prepare for that speed bump.  I rationalize now.  And it's such an amazing feeling using this bright and beautiful brain of mine to rationalize things.  It's a beautiful feeling to argue points that I have.  MY VOICE is enough.  It's more than enough.  We're in a wedding so we have been dealing with that stuff too. I just thought I would at least blog an entry since I've been so busy and absent.  I hope you have a sensational Monday.    Dream Thirty from Liquid Mind is on.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

It was bound to happen

Given my previous years on yesterday, it was actually a better day.  However, a seizure was bound to happen.  Coffee with CC was on the agenda.  Past that, we didn't have one.  I spent it with my nephew and nieces.  At one point, I had a claustrophobic moment that wasn't helping me.  But even then, I was better.  I didn't have to go to therapy this year to do a check in.   And the entire day I had people for me.  Either through texts or Facebook.  Yesterday has passed.  Gotta go and get ready for work.