Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Oh, the fun I have

Mimi is having a ball with her adventures (yesterday's post)

Mimi is taking tree hugging to a whole new level (today's post)

Mimi is taking tree hugging to a whole new level (today's post)

 A gift.  A great way to rock my weird at work

Mimi is having a ball with her adventures (yesterday's post)

Our mugs were having a hot chocolate date.  Seems our phone holders wanted in on the fun.  Yes. One of my bffs and I have matching unicorn phone holders lol 

This made me tear up.  I'm the middle one

Rock your silly

Rock your silly. Rock your weird.  I'm a playful and silly individual.  And this is why you will often see silly pictures that I myself or in or that I take.  It brings a certain happiness and warmth that I can make a person smile or chuckle.  I don't even have to know it happens.  I can just imagine it with it my crazy sparkly personality.  It's the evolution of where I am, a year later.  I finally see my worth.  It took months of pushing through insecurities.  And don't get me wrong.  The inner demons like to bubble up.  Especially, around the winter time.  Guess it gives new meaning to Winter blues.  But I have such a support system, it's hard to let the little buggers win.  And it helps now that I see I am this amazing woman.  All the beautiful words told to me have stuck with me. I also pay attention more when Jeremy does it in a different way.  It's an odd way but it is a Jeremy way.   Memories by Ryan Stewart is on.  .   So...if something that seems utterly ridiculous but makes you happy...I say go for it.  Read that book.  Dress up that silly.  Take a picture with a T-Rex.  Envision yourself as a unicorn.  Whatever it is, Rock your silly.  Rock your weird.  The world needs more of that.  Especially, now.  And I never get tired of telling you, my quiet spaces...thank you for reading me.  You have your reasons.  I am humbled by your readership.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Mimi Chronicles and other fun stuff

Our new tree!!!

Mimi getting the party started

Gluhwein, anyone?

yeah....that happened.

When I said put a sock in it...this isn't what I meant

Mimi taking it all in

This is the picture the site gave a nod to.  I had written...Just what kind of night did you have, Mimi. The Sing Chandelier, hanging out wit my Unicorn Epic


She came in like a wrecking ball.  

Got this as a gift.  I feel like a kid again

Gives new meaning to Mimi getting carried away with things.

The Adventures of Mimi

I loathe Elf on the shelf.  I respect that others have it but ughs.  So I wanted to have a little fun with that concept.  I found Whore in a drawer.  So I created Mimi.  (It was kinda like mini mi , kinda sorta) And Mimi has gotten taken a life of her own.  I have way too much fun figuring out pictures to take.  I even got a nod from Whore in a drawer Facebook page.  Welcome to my insanity.  You know you are chuckling right now.  Don't try to hide it.  Since Thanksgiving, we have just been chilling.  Friday, we had a goofy moment.  We hadn't realized we threw out our tree last we went to get another one.  On Black Friday, no less.  But by then, it seems like the crowd was no longer insane.  I had a girls day with "L".on Saturday.  We got matching Unicorn phone holders.  We are truly adorkable.  She had to get a wedding present so off to shopping we went.  But first, some coffee.  There has been some drama in between regarding Javier.  He is a douche moose.  I came up with douche camel and the worst...douche moose.  I hope things work out for CC.  I am so relieved I didn't have kids with this character.  Ughs.  I digress.  Life is good.  I have a pebble that has to stay around.  I wish I could remove it but sometimes we deal with things or people we would rather not.  Tis life.  I apologize to anyone out in the world that I may have disrespected or crossed boundaries.  Maybe I am just getting older and coming up to a different level.  Luckily, I have a stellar support system.  They keep me grounded.  I think I was always missing one link to it.  I have tried with certain people...and whether it was me...or them..or both, we were not a good fit for each other.  It's sad.  But it's reality.  It does make me appreciate what I have now.  Dream Space by Dean Evenson is on.   You can have a little chuckle from the adventures of Mimi.  Just think...I'm having way too much fun with this.  Have a wonderful day.  Today is a reflection day.  Not necessarily bad, not necessarily good...just reflective.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream - Today

Ronan Keating - When You Say Nothing At All ( Lyrics)

11 years

11 years together.  It seems surreal.  When I imagined the idea spending this long with someone, I don't think I had Jeremy in mind.  Not because I didn't want that, just that it wasn't in the cards.  And then, it was.  Life has a funny way of unfolding and helping us learn things.  Over the past year I have learned so much about myself.  And in that, my relationship with Jeremy.  Like any couple, we have our struggles.  But we figure it out.  It's the three words we know.  We figure it out.  We don't give up on each other.  We're stubborn for each other.  We're stuck with each other lol.  I love that about us.  We've had two 11th hour moments.  One outside of our marriage.  The reconcile is what brought about this day.  We originally got together December 5, 2005.  But that was Girl child's birthday and that wasn't fair.  So when we came back together, today is what we came up with...and then Today, the song came on.  So...Today also became our new song.  And then recently, an 11th hour.  A misunderstanding could have been a catastrophe.  But by then, too much anger would have transpired.  But again, we stopped.  Because, we figure it out.  We are that person for each other.  That one best friend that gets the history, the story.  Even when we haven't gotten each other, we figured it out.  And this last year, we learned how to appreciate our differences so we could appreciate our similarities.  We love each other.  And it's a beautiful love story.  It's a comical love story.  It's a love story with depth.  Here's to 11 years.

Monday, November 21, 2016

David Archuleta - Numb (Official Music Video)

I always did like this kid

To create

Sometimes I wonder why I draw? That sounds strange to say but it's the truth.  I am shy about my art work.  But sometimes the desire makes one step closer to someone that is, so perhaps...perhaps I'm an artist.  It's a different feeling from writing.  I create to feel something within.  There is almost an energy I can put in a piece.  I am a little obsessed with still life.  But something compelled me to just start writing and drawing.  And shading.  And there it was, words to make me feel, to create my feelings perhaps? There is beauty in art.  There can also be pain.  There is expression that sometimes evokes thoughts.  There is expression that is simply there to create.  Art has many reasons for existing.  I only need one.  My desire to create a feeling through it.

Friday, November 18, 2016

A Great Big World - "Say Something"

I love this song. I could imaginary a contemporary or a waltz to this

Alicia Keys - Holy War (Audio)

Heard this song this week. She is such an amazing artist. And we have the birthday!!

Cardio Music Mix 2016

My Spotify and Pandora don't work where I work out. So you tube it was. This was my playlist

It's a shame

It's a shame that life unfolds a certain way.  But sometimes, it is a necessary factor.  CC had to deal with Javier again.  Unfortunately, the girls have mandatory visitation.  Despite Javier getting forceful with Daughter A.  There was a female judge.  And by the sounds of it, CC felt the judge already made up her mind about the situation.  Poor Dad Javier.  In same ways, there was a loss in court.  But for every battle lost in court, CC wins at life.  The girls have such a support system.  I even get to be part of that.
Javier is a sad little douchnozzle.  He is a narcissist.  I am sad I allowed him inside my head for so long.  In some ways I get angry at myself for putting that prison on myself.  But, I look back and think...maybe I had to learn my lessons exactly in the order they came.  Javier could be in jail right now for rape right now.  I could have put him in there.  Then again, Brock Turner and that case reminds me why I didn't report Javier. There is such a judgement about it.  So I found other ways to combat Javier.  Living my life, becoming that beautiful Unicorn that inspires others, and living each day with purpose....that was my revenge.  He is a miserable individual.  And anyone that bullies anyone, in the end is miserable inside.  They project their own insecurities on others.  They lay blame on others.  I had an unexpected day off.  Otherwise, I would have been at work.  And my schedule was wonky that I didn't want to take off.  Plus, she was going to have support with her.  My biggest concern was her being alone.  And she wasn't.  Certain people in the world don't have a concept of boundaries.  Some are small enough that they are rude ish people and selfish that think only of their needs.  Others are severe and violate.  But the receivers...they learn to fight back.  And that is the biggest and most beautiful story of all.  You take away the stigma of the word "victim".  Long ago, I got triggered by two words, "Delicate flower".  What I hadn't realized until recently was my brain was switching it to You're a victim.  It doesn't mean that was being said.  But my brain processed it like that and tada....trigger.  Sometimes, intellectually we know certain things.  But no matter the logic, sometimes we switch off that part of our brain.  Our emotions take over.  And if you have seen in recent times...emotions do not have logic.  It's why people are encouraged to not make decisions while upset.  You don't think straight.  You don't think with a clear head.  I've been on both sides of the coin now.  I was that " hot head".  I reacted so quickly, I didn't give myself time to think about what was upsetting me. Thankfully, Jeremy has showed me to Jesslogicisize it.  Yes, I made that word up.   It's a shame the Jaivers of the world exist.  But because they do, the Jesses and CCs were brought about.  And that is a beautiful evolution, all in itself.  Two women.  Two different upbringings.  Two relationships, and yet...the story is eeringly similar.  Two survivors.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Building up

Boy, am I sore! I am starting to work out on Wednesdays.  My work out partner has diabetes I and I have Epilepsy so we do have to "check" we aren't overdoing it.  But I did a pretty kick ass work out.  I have two goals with this.  I want to work on abs.  So we did a lot of sits and crunches.  I'm also in love with the Elliptical at the gym so I wanted about 10 mins.  I wish our place had the space for it.  But for now, it works going to the gym.  I feel refreshed, though.  And I allowed myself to sleep in or at least rest my body.  My body works on a different pace because of the condition.  So I call it "recharging like a battery".  I have a couple of errands but I left this day to take it easy.  I organized my closet and found clothes I could donate.  By the way, it was Lumos and Nox on my phone that helped me find stuff.  Try it on Google.  I giggled using it.  I miss my favorite work out buddy. However, he's studying right now.  So I understand  But for now, this will do.  The second goal is to building up to jogging for the 5k we do in March.  It is very meaningful to me.  And it seemed like a nice goal to build up to.  Depending on how I feel, I might try to do some yoga.  I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here.  And then, Christmas.  I'm trying to stay disciplined and not go overboard with holiday food.  This weekend we are going to see Fantastic Beasts.  Jeremy is even going to to in Harry Potter attire.  I'm going in my Hufflepuff shirts and him in the Up to no good.  I love it.  I'm excited.  I started 14th colony by Steve Berry.  We'll see how that goes.  I wish I had more but some weeks are just super quiet.  It's another reason I don't blog so much.  I have adventures and I feel happy.  But really, how many times do you want to read I am happy?! Last year,...well...that was definitely more complicated feelings.  And even earlier this year...complicated things.  However, the biggest lesson I am learning is how to react to things.  For lack of a better word, Shit is going to happen.  And you gotta know how you're going to react.  And then work from there on action.  Jeremy and I are in a much better space.  We have often discussed we don't regret our speedbumps because they made us learn things.  And grow as a couple.  And in the end, made us stronger.  And now...beautiful words come out of his mouth.  Randomly, at that.  So it always throws me off in a beautiful way.  I'll take it!!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

The proof

So many people

Drinking from a horn is fun

Mr. Photbomb.  It was perfect

So yummy

So yummy

I was already a little toasty.  Too many strobe thingies so the glasses came on

Because, Unicorns!


Yeah, that happened.  Needless to say, my little unicorn horn lost out to her massive one
Some random guy asked to borrow it.  I told them this was the payment.  A picture.

Great job on the face painting! 

group pic


Jeremy's and my fortune lol

I got that shirt for Jeremy.  I love it!! I was representing Hufflepuff pride with a bracelet, necklace, and socks.  

Made me chuckle

Too cute

Nice one

Before the fun began