Monday, October 31, 2016

How Far I'll Go - Lyrics

Oooh I like this song

Calvin Harris - My Way (Official Video)

Nice jam

Loyal to our Fandom

It was a Fandom kind of day for me.  I had seen a mug at the Comic con that I liked but I knew exactly which mug I wanted and I didn't see it there.  It was at Hot Topic.  It's Heat activated.  When it's activated, there are footprints!! But literally, on my way to Hot Topic, I broke my Doctor Who key chain.  I was key chain was on the list now.  I was also looking for a dragon necklace with a blue orb or a castle necklace with a blue orb.  I have yet to find it but I did find one on clearance(bottle looking one) and the other I got for free.  It gives me a chuckle. I found butter beer and chocolate frogs at the mall! Amazon has a hufflepuff necklace I like.  Yup.  We are loyal to our fandom.  I love geeking out.  The older I am getting, the less I worry how silly or weird I may seem.  I'm happy.  Be happy.  Even if it means being weird doing it.  Because not being your authentic self is just an unhappy state to be.
Butter beer!!!

Yup.... I went shopping like this.  Glitter, included.  

Angry Unicorn!! Kidding


The left one gave me a chuckle

I love my new mug!!!


I am a silly Unicorn.  I love it

My Doctor Who key chain broke.  So I got another.  It changes colors..."vanishes
Buttter beer.  Yeah.  I know I took a picture...but.....Butter beer!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2016


Such a great weekend!! I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I had so much fun taking them.  We got our picture taken too.  I got carried away with my expressions.  Sorry! I was having so much fun!
Getting our zombie on!

Found a Joker and Harley Quinn zombie

I'm a goner!!

Poor Wenda


Superhero zombies!


great picture!


Superman superwoman!

They got me

Wenda fangirling


Comic Con

Dante, from Clerks 2. 

The closest I will ever get to David Tenant.  It seemed fitting it was restraining order distance, since I was playing crazy person

That time I took a picture with a guy who was Harley Quinn lol

Awesome group picture!!!


Joker...with Joker?!!! That's kinda hot lol

I love this picture.  Harley...Jess.  They both love that man next to them

Harry Potter shot glasses!! got some explaining to do....

One of my favorite pictures 
Batgirl told me all about what you were up to, Joker.  

A dream come true taking a picture with Belle

What the fruit loops?!!!

Pushing a button of Jeremy's.  Get it?!! I'm a character

It seemed fitting to take a picture, since Jeremy has one

Deadpool! Jeremy was actually wearing a Deadpool t shirt underneath his costume lol

Batgirl...what kind of trouble are you getting yourself into?

Deadpool! and a girl with a unicorn!

Batman and Superman!!

Seems I got some explaining to do too.  lol We got that crazy look down good 
Dean Cain!!

Awesome picture!!

Unicorn!!! lol Club Quidditch

Silly Little Missy cosplay.  Yes, we both approve lol

Boo Kitty is a nickname someone knows lol

Hufflepuff representing!

Little Mermaid

Oooh.  Hello, there

Oh, great.  Now, what kind of trouble did I get myself into?!

She asked for my picture too!!! Gryffindor!

Of course, I would have to take a picture with Poison Ivy!

Bud! Yes, Bud Bundy from Married with Children

You get the feeling I like Doctor Who?!

Yeah...I am fangirling.  Dream come true!!!

About the only Doctor Who cosplay I actually liked.  I am so picky lol