Monday, July 3, 2017

The roles we play

Little Man's party was this weekend.  Little One also is in town.  That was great to see him! But the explanation for the blog entry is important.  Traffic got crazy and BE's grill person was still stuck in traffic.  So Jeremy stepped in and took over.  He's a natural.  I was telling some of the friends at the party the only reason I want to have a house is so we can have a he can grill.  lol It was such a warm and wonderful feeling seeing Jeremy in that role.  I was conflicted about volunteering Jeremy.  I don't like answering for other people.  But he beat me to it.  And then, I started taking pictures.  Others took over after cake and presents.  But I took pictures for EB so she could enjoy the moments.  Because that was some moments for her.  I have a front row seat to this wild ride called motherhood.  Imagine the moms sitting in the ride.  I love our Aunt and Uncle roles.  The roles we play are perfect.  I get my fix of doing mommy things without having to do all of it.  I've and Jeremy have grown used to our childless parents role.  Although, we are going to have "Ethan" soon, that is different.  "Ethan" is a grown kid.  The other wonderful part of the party was seeing Little One.  He's grown up so much! It's crazy...Parrts of the  Youngn crowd are not so youngn anymore.  My client wanted to enjoy the festivities of the 4th early.  So I have no shift today.  I got called for a shift just a while ago but then, the client canceled all together.  The upside is it woke me up.  It's a fun thing to try to figure out why Criminal Minds is in your dream.  That's about it.  Today is Aaron's birthday. I think he would've been 38? It's still weird to realize he's gone.  But such is reality.  Anyhoo.  I hope you have a safe 4th.  I love and loathe the 4th.  I love and loathe any time fireworks are used.  Luckily, I will be distracted with friends that I won't notice it much.  Be safe.

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