Friday, June 30, 2017

Finding my Way

That's the name of the song right now.  It's from Liquid Mind.  It seems rather, fitting.  Today's Quote is

 Edward T. Kelly

Now, isn't that a piece of truth to live by.  When we set out to accomplish that goal, our hearts have to be in it.  We have to want to do it.  We have to TRY.  That's easier said than done, if I'm being truthful about it.  Not every goal I have set has come with my heart completely in it.  In fact, if someone asked me of why I did certain goals or things, My reply, "It seemed expected of me".  That's not a good reason.  I have to want to do something for myself.  Granted, it's important to compromise.  But one has to take into account why they decide on things.  What is their motivation? And if it's always for other people, you will ware yourself thin.  I know I did.  I still extend myself out and decide on things for other people.  I am accommodating.  However, I do step back and allow myself to decide if the decision will make me happy.  I also have had to learn healthy boundaries.  And how to say no.  Or how to say.. "That's how you feel or think" or "That's your opinion.  It doesn't mean it's the truth".  Accomplishments come in different forms.  I am an accomplishment all on my own.  I've heard too many horror stories of survivors.  I did something about it.  I asked for help.  It doesn't mean I was weak.  It just means I didn't have the answers.  Kate was that person.  And funny enough, she didn't feel like she gave me answers.  More like a friendly guide to help me on my journey.  If nothing else, she was a great soundboard.  And that's probably what I needed.  So, today...we can think about it.  Every thing we decide to do, make a decision to try.  Have a beautiful and sparkling day!

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