Thursday, May 11, 2017

a sigh with that smile

What a day! My job is never boring.  And if it is, it is to recharge for days, like today.  Each client comes with different needs to be met.  It's a balance on what they want versus what they need with many times relying on feedback, updates, or tips from family members.  I was a fill in for clients I had before.  At times, can be stressful but nothing I can't handle.  My new thing is if I can handle that one incident, I can handle anything.  And between work and the client, I got feedback of doing a great job and exactly what I needed to do.  It's funny knowing that I am right on point.  Because before I would be running around in my head worrying whether I was doing a good job or not.  But I still needed a Starbucks after that!!! Mama deserved it.  And it's Happy Hour until Sunday so perfect timing as soon as I got off work.  I love my job.  It takes a certain patience with it.  I'll tell you that.  But I love my job.  Every time I am working, I know I help people.  I make a difference.  And something about helping the elderly just makes it so meaningful.
The crazy things people leave on my timeline

I need a hug...and a Starbucks!!!

ooooh. My starbucks.  My King is coming home soon.  I can't wait for that hug! lol

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