Thursday, May 11, 2017

To me, from me

You little badass.  When did you grow balls? Sometimes you (me?) surprise me with how well you handle possible stressful situations.  I mean...after used to be little Mrs. anxiety ball.  You don't feel the anxiety like you used to.  There are days that it likes to pop up.  There are days that certain things, memories, or people can run rampant on possible triggers.  Especially in the way of having to stand up for yourself.  You go with your bad self.  I'm proud of you.  You amaze me.  And instead of having to praise or blame an's all you.  Or me.... lol

Yes.  I do talk to myself.  I even answer myself.  Am I crazy? Of course, I am.  I'm just the good kind of crazy.  The kind that you love having around lol

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