Monday, April 10, 2017

Birthday fun

Oh, my blogness!! What a weekend! I made the Dijon Salmon Friday night and decided to give Jeremy his card.  I wasn't sure I'd have enough time in the morning.  Then, morning came!!! I wished Jeremy Happy Birthday on Facebook as soon as I got up.  I went downstairs and made coffee for him while he got going first.  That was about the time loved ones called wishing him happy birthday.  I was trying to figure out if I could drive with my corset.  Then, decided not to even try.  I'd put it on once we were up there.  Jeremy navigated and I drove.  I told him I don't mind doing some of the driving on road trips provided it is during the day time or is light outside.  Jeremy had the option of changing the stations, given birthday boy privileges.  However, he decided to leave it on my station.  I listen to Q101.9.  I've always liked easy listening while I drive.  We got there first so we decided to figure out a place to park for when EB came with the tent.  She got there a little after us.  And then, DA and "Loveliness" arrived. We got the tent set up.  I called it the Tent mansion.  It has so much room!!! Jeremy and I brought an air mattress so I set that up in our area.  I also brought a sheet and the sleeping bag as our blanket.  Also, a little blanket to have.  We had some meade.  We checked the place.  So much fun.  Jeremy took pictures this year too.  I got a drinking horn for him.  EB got one for "Oh, adorable" and it was the most adorable thing.  Yup.  Adorable twice. We saw a show with fire juggling but by then, I was powering down.  We also saw a singing wenches show.  Very funny.  DA and "Loveliness" and EB took care of food and drinks.  We had steak strips, bacon wrapped jalepeno peppers, chips and drinks.  And s'mores for dessert! I was exhausted.  The last time I had checked since I hadn't brought my Gear fit was 12,000 plus steps.  We had the Quest puzzle thing the next day.  I was getting ready to put on my tank top and skirt when EB suggested I try on her dress.  She was feeling more "comfortable vibe than dress up".  I fell in love with this dress.   I felt like a gypsy queen in it.  I even wore a headband.  DA made breakfast.  And put down the tent and packed up stuff before we go.  I was concerned about the ticket thing because I misunderstood the BOGO thing.  The lady just gave us the tickets.  With 5 minutes to spare.  We weren't at the right gate.  I started crying.  All she said was tip well.  We always did.  But I made it a point all day to tip here and there.  We did the quest.  We got our picture taken and it will go in the book of champions.  EB was looking for something in the shops.  And also wanted to get her braided.  So we did that.  I motioned to Jeremy about the shop with the kilts.  We had seen a shop the day before but the sizing was not right.  It's an awesome kilt.  They call them Utility kilts.  Jeremy got one!!! During the course of the day, I was looking at the time to check when I would have to call it and have Jeremy and I leave.  However, Jeremy was nice enough and suggested he drive so we didn't worry about how light it was.  He was having such a blast on his birthday!!! 2 things.  Last yer I didn't have a job until the next month.  2) Condo fiasco this time of year. my mind, we were redoing 40.  As we are about to leave I do decide to get something I wanted for years.  The Last name history.  It was too complicated to get it for my last name.  I got the Kearney one.  It was a dream come true for me to get that.  I also got ribbon crown.  It went perfect with my dress.  There was a full moon on Saturday so that was amazing to be around.  And in the morning, Jeremy and just sat there...enjoying nature.  It was a beautiful moment.  Something I never envisioned I would do.  So...there you have it.  It was an Epic birthday.

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