Monday, April 10, 2017

Visual Epicness

Jeremy got a lot of compliments on his shirt.  *Beams proudly* He would say my wife knew exactly what to get.  It was perfect

The girls

Our knight won!!!!

I felt like a gypsy queen

I found my inner gypsy queen

Me...slept in a tent...overnight

Doctor Who!!!

Us being silly

I felt amazing in this

Words can't describe how I'm feeling.  I have a confidence I didn't even know existed in me

Our area.  My LEX ( because people mistake him for a Lexus)

The Tent mansion

OMG.  I slept in a tent overnight


Good times. Good people

Gypsy Queen vibe

They all had horns


Yeah.  I came home with this.  I bought it from my friend.  It was screaming Jess

Singing Wenches.  

Our area

Not going lie.  I feel fucking beautiful here.  What a difference a year makes.  Here's to a healing journey

I love this man.  Marriage is work.  But I love making it work with this crazy soul.  

Yesterday was National Unicorn Day!!! 

Nice photobomb, sir lol


Jeremy with his horn

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