Monday, April 3, 2017


This weekend was epic.  Lovie #1 wanted to go to the UTSA open house.  So we did.  They're  looking into the Electrical Engineering program.  I have to tell you.  It took all of me not to cry. from I felt so much pride.  On the way to get them, I told Jeremy about thinking in the future what it would be like to be a parent.  And what it would be like to have my child in college.  And here we are.  I still have to see it.  It won't completely hit me until the first day of school.  And then, I'll probably cry.  I looked around and saw my college so different.  And yet, parts of me still saw the school Jeremy and I went to.  It's strange, this full circle feeling is.  I am also excited for Jeremy's birthday.  I added another gift to the birthday.  I will be driving.  It's not a huge road trip driving thing.   But for me, it's huge.  And it gives Jeremy a chance to enjoy himself.  We're being treated for his birthday tomorrow.  Wednesday, I am hoping to make Lasagna.  That man does love some Lasagna.  And Thursday afternoon, I am treating him to lunch.  I joked around we are redoing his 40th birthday since we had the home fiasco last year around this time.  1) I wasn't working so I would've felt weird spending any money while we had the repairs.  2) I was very distraught about the home fiasco, one of my bffs handled making a small get together for him.  This year, I am working.  And this is something he loves.  Camping.  I have been trying to do some kind of camping this for him for the past...I don't know 3 years? And something always comes up or disrupts the plan of it.  Finally, we are going camping.  I am going to be wearing my waist cincher.  I am so excited about the Sherwood Faire.  I actually am also excited that I finally have the confidence to wear my tank tops.  I bought some maxi skirts.  It kind of feels like a whole new wardrobe.  I think that's about it.  It might be my last week with my client.  They need more help than me.  I approached the family member about. I wanted to let them know I would love to stay on but I'm an extra expense and an unnecessary one once they got more medical help.  Both the client and family member don't want to let me go but seems like they have to.  I let work know and they are ready to find me a new assignment.  They're just waiting for the official call from the family member.  Who knows? Maybe something will change.  Very unlikely.  But, you never know.  That's about it.  I better get ready for work.  I love saying that.  I never get tired of saying those words.  I have to get ready for work.  Next month will mark my year anniversary with them.

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