Thursday, April 20, 2017

Is it weird?

I haven't tuned into one of my favorite guilty pleasures.  Especially when one of my favorite individuals is on there.  I love and loathe watching Dancing with the Stars.  It's hard to explain.  But I love the dancing.  It's an art that brings my heart to its knees.  I've imagined dancing like that myself.  I even imagined dancing the rumba with Jeremy.  That is monumental since he would tell you he is no dancer.  He's better than he thinks he is.  Anyway, I am watching it because of Normani.  I have watched her and the girl group, Fifth Harmony since they were put together on a little show called the X factor.  Is it weird, that even then, I saw one member not fit in into this beautiful fluid group, that no matter what success or failure they had, they had each other.  It shows on their faces.  Except for one.  And fast forward, that one is gone.  Their sound is different.  Different roles have been shifted.  Ally who is actually from here, has flourished and allowed to spread her wings more since the departure of odd girl out.  Shows like that do have to bring showmantic presentation.  But there is a sense of truth of how a year can change someone's life.  I watched a couple of dances of hers right now.  I watched her rumba and smiled because it was song they did the first time as a group.  And the song was "Impossible".  These girls and I are worlds apart.  Yet, through music and through dance, there is a mutual appreciation of the love we have in our life in order for us to make our dreams come true.  Perhaps, if I had done life differently, I'd be blogging as a choreographer.  But somehow, I am exactly where I need to be.  For others.  And it feels good.  And I dance...Just in a kitchen or living room now. It's like own private club lol

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