Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What a Monday

What a Monday.  I went to work.  Seemed like so much happening at once! I was trying to set up a doctor's appointment that I seemed to have to reschedule again.  And for good reason! Work called me to offer my ideal schedule.  I had been holding out on a schedule that I wanted.  I felt like I had earned it.  And I took the offer so I have a new permanent assignment.  It's the right amount of days, ideal work hours I like, and the right amount of distance.  In addition to that, they offered me promising one of today.  I'm filling in today.  But if I like it, it's all mine.  I've had two assignments before.  I'm excited.  After work, I am planning to see my friend.  It's going to be different since I'm not her caregiver anymore.  But I know she's in good hands with the caregiver.  I likened MAS to my cousin.  Not only that, yesterday's assignment asked me to come back Friday.  I fill in Wednesday on my new assignment.  Then, next week, it's my new schedule.  In all this, I was texting Jeremy to reschedule lunch.  In the end, we went back to our original day we usually go on.  Still have to change that appointment.  I love my job.  I know it's not glamorous and I don't get paid big bucks.  However, this job changed my life.  This job contributed to my healing as well.  I feel a sense of guilt because I went to school for massage.  And I also have a master's in psychology.  I, at least use my degree in psychology a lot more.  Because I connect well with people, it's not unusual for people to share stories, happiness, pain...whatever.  I'm a therapist of sorts.  I don't offer advice.  I ask the  right questions so you figure it out on your own.  You just needed the right soundboard.  I offer insight.  Lotus Field by D'rachael

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