Thursday, April 6, 2017

Figuring out things

Right now I am just waiting for my Birthday Hot Lunch Date with my Jeremy.  I am treating today.  Every day has been a treat or a gift for him, leading up to his birthday.  If I am not doing the gifting or treating, someone else has.  I love that others are showing how much they care and love Jeremy.  He revealed long ago, that while he gets embarrassed about the attention on him, he loves it.  It feels really good.  And it does.  It's why gifts aren't always about a thing you give someone.  That's at least my take on it.  Sometimes it's time.  Sometimes it's doing something, wearing something, or whatever something.  I was talking to one of my bffs yesterday about buzzwords.  She mentioned how balance is one of hers right now.  I had told her Serenity and Pathway and been more in my vocabulary now.  However, sifting and cooperative caregiving are gaining momentum.  After leaving therapy, I'm left with learning on my own, how to react to my environment.  It's small things.  While I was better about anger management.  I have managed to control that alot.  What I hadn't learn to sift through the emotional radar.  Or how to scale what was severe in pain or not.  Kate helped me to look for the answer within myself.  I'm a great sound board for others.  But I needed a soundboard for myself to know what questions to ask myself.  Figuring out things is never an easy process.  And with each day, comes different challenges to figuring out things.  But with support, I do it.  And what a support I have.

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