Tuesday, April 4, 2017


It's exciting for me, planning things.  I just bought the tickets for Comic Con.  I got my Cosplay costume.  Jeremy needs to get his.  I got the tickets so early because I didn't know my situation, job wise.  My client and my client's family member wants to keep me on but the question is whether they can, long term.  I figured I'd get the tickets now.  Today was nice.  CC came over for Tea and lite breakfast at Cafe La Jess.  I got my Queen Sparkles Tea pot.  She brought me more tea. And made me the most adorable plushy.  I now have a Unicorn plushy named Magnificent.  She needed to do an errand regarding a project she's working on.  I am in awe of her creativeness.  It was time for lunch and we were passing a place.  I thought it was perfect to go.  And we both could appreciate it.  We went to Pappadeaux for lunch and had a crabcake.  They used avocado in it and it was divine.  We have been so conditioned to not think of seafood.  So, now we have made it a point to have seafood in our life.  Since then, I have had crab, lobster, and crawfish.  She had a story, an unpleasant one regarding that particular location.  I was happy that today's lunch could be a redo.  I love re dos.  And it's an interesting thing.  Some re dos are not necessarily done because the original was painful or unpleasant.  Sometimes they are done because of that.  No...sometimes the redo is simply because the original way things went didn't fit for you to find the entire experience perfect or satisfactory.  I am wearing what I call bohemian beautiful.  I feel happy.  I feel at peace.  I feel like I am finally learning how to react to my world.  If that makes any sense.  Tonight, we are being taken out for dinner.  Tomorrow, I am making Lasagna for Jeremy.  Thursday, I am treating him to lunch.  I haven't quite thought of what Friday could be.    I'll figure it out.  I'm super excited about all this.  All this planning is making me giddy and excited.  I hope you have an enchanting day

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