Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The results are in

I think the timing is beautiful that I got the name history for Kearney and my DNA results come in for my Ancestry.  There isn't a real surprise of my Native American Ancestry.  What is surprising is the percentage.  I was expecting 80% or more.  Instead, it was 52%.  Iberian peninsula came up.  I was scrambling to find it on the map.  It's a mountainous region that's most associated with the countries of Spain and Portugal.  That would explain the Figarora more.  There is also 8% Italian and Greek.  It gets a little confusing for me because I was trying to add up the percentages.  That only made up 75.  Until I started looking more on a tab that saws low confidence regions.  I'm trying to understand chromosome definitions and identifying a gene.  Here's where I am trying to get clarification.  When I add the whole thing up, it comes to 100%.  The percentages that I see.  But some confuse me on where exactly the region they are speaking about and what does low confidence region mean? Africa 8%, Asia 2%, Europe 35%(15 Iberian Peninsula, 8% Italian/ Greek, and 6% Europe West. ) 52% Native American, and 3 % West Asia.  So, there it is.  It also has members that range from very likely 4th cousins to very likely 2nd cousins.  This is mind blowing.  The whole experience is mind blowing.  It seemed fitting for my 40th birthday.  I had been wanting to do it for years but somehow, my 40th birthday was THE time.  Likewise, with the Kearney Coat of Arms.  I had been wanting to get that for Jeremy even when we were dating.  But somehow, his 41st (a redo 40th, really for me lol) was THE time.  I've admitted to myself that maybe I see too much symbolism in things.  But somehow, I smile and appreciate the timing of both items.  This is our history.  And while we didn't have a biological child together to pass our blood along, we are connected to this history....together.  That revelation has a deep meaning for me.  I looked at my living room/dining room area.  And I saw connection, history, and deep meaning.  I love the area.  It feels like a sanctuary.  It's even been called that.   History plays a part in how we connect with people.  I often see this as I reflect back on Jess Ortiz versus Jess Kearney.  Both who were and still are enamored by Jeremy Kearney.  There is that chemistry that has yet to dim.  There is that friendship where we send things to each other or tell each other things that we get as inside jokes or something exclusive to our understanding.  There are the talks where we discuss, share ideas, debate, and learn from each other.  Years ago, I couldn't get Jeremy to open up to me.  Today, he shares something about himself or reveals something about his thoughts more easily that just makes me more fascinated with the man I married. He intrigues me.  No one has quite intrigued me like Jeremy.  The good, the bad, and the Jeremy.  His family has kept up more with their genealogy.  He's ancestry is predominately German and Irish.  However, he does have a significant amount of Native American.  Finding out my history through DNA has been such a beautiful experience.  It's approximately $100 but I see it as an investment.  And you might just learn a thing or two about yourself, whether by DNA or something even deeper within your identity.  Also...5% Irish!!!!!.  I forgot about putting that.

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