Friday, April 7, 2017

Trinity knot

I hadn't actually planned to blog.  I am getting ready for work.  And I needed to take some stuff with me when I went to work.  So I was looking for a bag.  And one popped in my head.  I got it as a gift.  It's one of my favorite possessions.  It's a beautiful dark purple velvet bag with the trinity knot on it.  It made me smile as I got it out of my memory box where it's been.  It comes with a sigh because the gifter and I no longer speak.  Nonetheless, the gift is beautiful. And so is the person who gifted it to me.   I was also looking at my Deathly Hallows necklace.  Maybe it's just me, but I think the reason I like the Deathly Hallows symbol so much is because it reminds me of the trinity knot.  I've got the full version of a knot.  Some, like what's on my tattoo have only the three marks.  But some have a circle included.  I am a big fan of signs and symbols.  It might be the whimsical side to me that seems beyond what we see and symbols bring a story onto their own.  Whether by the original symbol or simply a story that is part of your history.  After all, for me, the trinity knot has many thoughts that come to mind.  And depending on the symbol, does the story it tells for me.  Paths have different ways they go.  You could come back to a path and have a different perspective on the environment.  Therapy helped me to appreciate the beauty in pain.  That sounds weird but I understand it.  I don't like what happened to me.  It was traumatizing.  However, out of that came many beautiful things.  And may not have happened, had I not had the traumatizing event.  I've had lessons and people come in and out of my life to show me how to see the beauty that is within me.  Longing for Paradise by Eric Harringer and John Paul Lacey.  What a fitting song for what I feel.  The sound reminds me of what Serenity would sound like.  The happy place I needed to go when I needed a safe place, in my own head.  It's funny how sometimes it's like a light switch on seeing your own worth.  I went from not being able to see it, to not only seeing it, but more importantly, feeling it.'s time to get some lunch and maybe gas up before we leave tomorrow.  I'm driving!!! Craziness!!! Tomorrow is Jeremy's birthday!! I'll tell you all about the adventures of this weekend.  And maybe some pictures too!

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